My property lies between the mangroves of Cockle Bay and Bouddi National Park, bordering the park.

Like the rest of Empire Bay, we have been plagued with mosquitos and had tried every control method, including ultraviolet light and LPG-fueled carbon-dioxide traps.

The gas traps worked and kept a small area relatively free while they operated, but did nothing to interrupt the breeding cycle.

During 2006, while visiting a resort in Port Douglas, we sat at dusk in an outdoor area surrounded by deep foliage which was entirely free of mosquitos, unlike the rest of the region.

Female breeding mosquitos often rest during the hottest part of the day, and start feeding, following exhaled breath, as the light starts to fade. I tracked down the resort manager, who gave me contact details of the Brisbane-based consulting entomologist who had researched the species of mosquitos in that area and had produced a process of control which interrupted breeding in the immediate area.

We were desperate enough to engage him to do the same for our property. He spent four days, at our property and the surrounding areas where the mosquitos were most active. He identified two particular species from his own and our traps, and devised a method of control.

Initially we, and a few of our neighbours, hired a pest control company to do do regular treatments however this became difficult to arrange in a timely fashion, and quite expensive. We then invested in firstly a small hand-trailer 20-litre tank with a battery-powered pump sprayer and later a 12-litre backpack sprayer.

— DISCLAIMER: what we do involves the use of dangerous chemicals and may be subject to regulatory controls —
— Unless you’re certain that you are following the regulatory requirements, please engage a professional pest control operator. —

Preparation: wear protective clothing, including gloves, headwear and eyewear.

Insecticide: Webzone, in concentration of 10 millilitres to one litre of water. Dissolve thoroughly, although Webzone is a clear yellow liquid, it emulsifies and the oily component is intended to stick the active ingredient to surfaces.

Method: Spray liberally on foliage AND hard vertical surfaces (walls, downpipes & under window ledges), where the females will rest. Cover the entire area to be protected, from about 1.5 metres above the ground to about 2.5 – 3.0 metres, but only on foliage and vertical surfaces.

Spray preferably early in the morning when the weather forecast is for no rain for at least 24 hours. Rain before the spray has dried thoroughly will wash away the insecticide before it has taken effect. During Summer, this is repeated every six weeks, or until mosquitos have invaded once again. Once at the beginning of Winter, and again at the end will usually suffice through the cooler months. The usual care in ensuring that there is no casual/stagnant water around the property is important.

Post-spraying Safety: Wash all fruit and vegetables on the property before consuming.

For more information, I suggest you contact our suppliers Coastal Rural Traders at Ourimbah – tel: 02-4362 1301  or 02-4362 1302.


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