Council Election 2017

This site and associated social media streams are provided by a small, non-aligned community group committed to clean, transparent & honest local government.

Here in the beautiful NSW Central Coast we have an opportunity to use this largely-unwanted council amalgamation as a template for meaningful reform in local government.

The Community Plan for the Central Coast details the necessary steps in 18 categories of interest.

Click this link to meet the genuinely-independent candidates who have all stated their commitment to enabling the Community Plan when elected to Council.

We acknowledge that many candidates endorsed by political parties have also expressed their commitment to the values of the plan, however they each also have both party funding for their campaigns and an obligation to follow their party’s direction on policy as a consequence. For those reasons, this site is dedicated to promoting the remaining independents, so you can have your voice heard from every Ward.

Check the plan following the link above, examine the representations of these candidates and cast your vote in the interests of the entire community.


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