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A quick look at the Google map of the area of Empire Bay north of Empire Bay Drive: will reveal that 100% of the traffic entering and exiting that area travels along Greenfield Rd. At the intersection of Greenfield Rd and Rickard Rd traffic must turn either left or right, probably in a two to one ratio.

This makes Rickard Rd west the second most traversed road in the area followed by the must shorter Rickard Rd east. The amount of traffic necessarily handled by these Greenfield and Rickard roads would indicate that they are the ones most in need of regular maintenance and attention. They also avail themselves to the speeding and flouting of the 50 kmh speed limit in the area.

In addition, pedestrians walking in or out of this area MUST use Greenfield Rd which only has a short distance pathway just before to meets with Empire Bay Drive. During and after rain, school children are required to walk across sodden ‘nature strips’ and often forced to walk into the road because of our poor drainage and lack of any kerbs or guttering. Of course, this applies to just as much to cyclists!

And yet, the Central Coast Council says that the priority for any work to be done to fix this up is only a “moderate priority” and will not be commenced in the near future! Not good enuff for the EBDRAG!


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